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See Rockbridge from a whole new angle…

on the back of a experienced and seasoned horse!

Our trail rides are approximately one hour.  Allow an extra half hour for preparation,  saddling, and meeting your horse, of course! 

The trail is an amazing ride across grassy fields, through the Ozark hills,  and possibly even through a creek or two… The views are simply amazing!

Exploring 1800’s logging trails





Ranch Hand Stephanie assisting new rider...

Ranch Hand Stephanie assisting new rider…

There are more than trout in the water, downstream we added horses.

There are more than trout in the water, downstream we added horses.


Crossing crystal clear springs


Riding through windswept fields of grasses and wild flowers

Rides for up to 5 people ages 12 and up can be scheduled daily.  Call for availability and reservations.

Please note that all trail rides are subject to cancellation due to weather conditions.   Rides will not be taken during muddy seasons, extreme heat, or inclement weather.

Have a rider under 12?  Corral rides are available for younger riders. 

Once the rider meets the staff (his horse), the guide will lead the young rider on horseback over the grassy field and back.  Parents are invited to walk along, and most of the area is in the shaded.

Have an experienced rider under 12? 

The guide can assess the riders’ ability and will be able to determine if a trail ride is possible.  If not, then you should consider a corral ride.  The children love it!

All riders 16 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.